Tales of the Great Rum Runners

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Grateful Dead Records CD Release


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Catnr. GDCD 9.00716 O


Robert Hunter: Tales of the Great Rum Runners

Robert Hunter: Vocals, Guitar

Peter Albin: Bass
Rodney Albin: Vocals, Fiddle
Maureen Aylett: Vocals, Spoons
T.Will Claire: Vocals
Hadi El Sadoon: Trumpet
Snooky Flowers: Saxophone
David Freiberg: Bass
Jerry Garcia: Guitar
Donna Godchaux: Vocals
Keith Godchaux: Keyboards
Mickey Hart: Drums
Barry Melton: Guitar
Jamie Paris: Harp
Steve Schuster: Saxophone
Markee Shubb: Mandolin
Rick Shubb: Banjo
Robbie Stokes: Guitar

Buddy Cage: Pedal Steel



Mario Cipollina
John Farey
Milt Farrow
Bruce Gapinski
David Kessner
Ray Scott
Jeff Slattery
Randall Smith
Bill Steele

  1. Lady Simplicity 0:20
  2. That Train 4:57
  3. Dry Dusty Road 2:18
  4. I Heard You Singing 3:44
  5. Rum Runners 3:02
  6. Children's Lament 4:13
  7. Maybe She's a Bluebird 1:56
  8. Boys in the Barroom 1:09
  9. It Must Have Been the Roses 3:30
  10. Arizona Lightning 3:19
  11. Standing at Your Door 4:19
  12. Mad 4:06
  13. Keys to the Rain 4:06

Total Time 40:59

Robert Hunter