Sundown on the Forest

Original Release Date

Phoenix Rising CD Release


EAN 672627200127

Catnr. 2001


Kingfish: Sundown on the Forest

Matthew Kelly: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Danny Degennaro: Vocals
Barry Flast: Piano, Vocals, Keyboard Bass
Rick Anderson: Bass
Fred Campbell: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Caitlen Cornwell: Vocals
Jerry Cortez: Guitar
Bill Cutler: Vocals
Greg Douglas: Guitar
Zoe Ellis: Vocals
Jerry Garcia: Guitar
Robbie Hoddinott: Guitar
Steve Kimock: Guitar
Jenni Muldaur: Vocals
James A. Nelson III: Percussion
Eric Parker: Drums
Ray Parnell: Guitar
David Perper: Drums
Jimmy Pew: Keyboards
Robert Powell: Pedal Steel Guitar
Ari Rios: Vocals
Ana Rizzo: Vocals
Jimmy Sanchez: Drums
Mookie Siegel: Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Electric Piano, Synth Flute, Percussion
David Simon-Baker: Acoustic Guitar
Barry Sless: Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Bobby Vega: Bass
Bob Weir: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

  1. Hurt Enough 4:49
  2. Sundown on the Forest 4:40
  3. It Don't Take Much 4:15
  4. Burning in My Heart 4:13
  5. Ridin' High 5:27
  6. Padlock Cufflinks 3:53
  7. Goodbye So Long 3:17
  8. Every Little Light 3:51
  9. Eyes of the Night 3:12
  10. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry 3:33
  11. My Baby Left Me 3:19
  12. Tennessee Blues 6:11
  13. Starship Ride 3:26
  14. Jump for Joy 3:54

Total Time 58:00